Case Ready Benefits For the Retailer



• Redirect Labor to Enhance Customer Service and increase sales

• Easier to manage Vacation and Weekend Coverage

• Potential Reduction in Labor, Wages and Benefits

• Reduce Medical and Worker’s Compensation Claims


Minimize Food Safety Risk

• Shift Risk to USDA Inspected Facility

• Reduction or Elimination of Shop Trim


Improved Inventory Management

• Reduction in Shrink

• Reduction in Out of Stocks


Easier to Manage P&L

• Easier to breakdown department expenses

• Increased Net Margin Consistency


Increase In-Stock Position

• Increase Sales (Dollars & Volume)

• Allow Time to Merchandise High Profit Items

• Improves your customers shopping experience


Regulatory compliance and certifications


USDA Inspected facility Est# 17990A

HACCP certified

SQF Level II certified

Certified to process USDA Organic meats

Approved vendor for Whole foods, Walmart and various major retailers