Examples of Overwrap Items

Case ready retail cuts of beef, pork, ground beef of various lean points, meatloaf mix, patties

Examples of Vac Pack Items

Roll stock and cryovac packages

Examples of Lid Stock Items

Various whole muscle and ground products in MAP lidstock trays

Examples of Value Added Items

Various marinated items, breaded products, patties with inclusion ingredients

Packaging Capabilities


Overwrap case ready retail packages in modified atmosphere mother bags: capable of multiple gas mixture    atmospheres


Roll stock (Vac Pack) retail ready packaging: multiple pack sizes using different film thickness and colors; sealed in cryovac bags including various sizes and bone guard bags


Lid stock trays of different sizes: various gas mixture atmospheres


Protein Product Capabilities:


Beef, Pork, Poultry, Lamb, Smoked pork and poultry, offal's, marinated meats, value added meats with inclusions such as cheeses, breading and other vegetables and seasonings