An SQF Certified Company

Out-of-stocks and shrink are the two sides of the same common problem retailers increasingly face. Late in the evening or on the weekends when the meat cutter has left the store for the day, customers come to the meat case looking for a particular cut. The operator has two choices before the meat cutter leaves for the day or weekend: fill the case with extra packages or leave some cuts with sparse facings that may run out. In the first scenario, the operator runs the risk of having too many packages that don't sell and become shrink. In the latter instance, he may loose sales and loyal customers because the product is no longer there when the customer comes in. In both cases the retailer loses.

The Meat Depot's Case Space Optimization program's advantage is to fill those product voids whenever they occur, even if the meat cutter has gone home for the day. A store clerk just needs to identify the sold-out product, open the appropriate box for a particular cut (the box holds either six or 12 packages) and place them in the case. So, you have a variety assortment in the case without shrink; this leads to less labor costs, more sales dollars and better customer satisfaction. There is also no deviation in the consistency of the product from store to store in a chain as you would have when the product is cut and packed at store level.