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An SQF Certified Company

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Tawny Nassau County in New York's Long Island may not seem a likely spot for an ultra-modern meat-processing facility, but behind a glass façade building AVA Companies' new plant is dedicated to changing the way East Coast operators improve their case-and-space management strategies. Opening less than two years ago in Hicksville, the plant specializes in processing case-ready pork and beef as well as aged beef. The case-ready programs have an operating model designed to provide the product that is trimmed out, cut, packaged and labeled to customer specifications.

The plant, known as the Meat Depot because of its role as a hub for operators looking to develop supply signature case-ready programs, is equipped with the latest cutting and packaging technologies. With two pork production lines and two beef lines running simultaneously, the facility can process and deliver orders within two days. The company's philosophy is based on having the plant capacity to provide the ultimate freshness so there is no build-up of inventory. AVA's model has refined "just-in-time" delivery to include a communications strategy that ties in manufacturer delivery timing with their customer's procurement policy or needs. An order comes in and is cut from product, and then is packaged, weighed and immediately shipped to the customer.

One of the biggest opportunities supermarkets have when using AVA's case-ready pork and beef is to drastically reduce or eliminate out-of-stocks in the meat case. One of the benefits AVA's programs offers is a variety of items so operators can set up the case in minutes and continually keep it updated throughout the day and continually manage new product variety almost week to week.